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Angel Rising Blurb
Hannah Livingston has the most infamous stalker that ever existed- Satan. She spent her sixth birthday with the Brethren, fighting an apocalyptic war that sent the Dark Prince back to Hell, and the rest of her life wondering if he’d be back for her soul someday. She needn’t wonder any longer.

Gabriel Seeker, Brethren Protector, spends his days and nights rescuing kids from sex traffickers and protecting their lives from further damage. He knows all too well the nightmarish world they’ve been stolen into, and it’s gotten harder to keep secret his own past horrors.

Hannah and Gabriel have always gotten along, first as friends, then as co-workers. She manages his life and he protects hers. A perfect, symbiotic relationship, so it would seem, until suppressed feelings for each other surface and forever change the landscape of their lives. Stricken with PTSD, the determined angel seeks to protect the woman he loves from Satan’s greedy and insidious clutches.

Deceit and seduction, desire and repression, collide in this epic, immortal story of love, duty, and sacrifice.


“I believe a little meditation session would help.” He put his camera down on a coffee table next to a worn out cigar box. He took a cassette tape from it and popped it into an ancient stereo. “I made this awesome relaxation tape that’s perfect for this. Come sit on the floor with me and we’ll get back to balance.” He folded his legs as he sat down and waved her over. “Come on.”
At first, she resisted, but what harm could it do? “I do meditate. Just not consistently.” She sat down on the floor before him and crossed her legs so their knees touched.
“Now, hold my hands and close your eyes. Think of a peaceful place, calming energy, fluidity. You are one with the earth and sky.”
She acquiesced, and once relaxed enough, found herself on a lovely, deserted beach, wearing absolutely nothing. Seagulls cried, waves crashed against the shore, and the sun bathed her skin in warmth. A wisp of a breeze wafted over her and she raised her chin and arms in reverence. A light tap on her shoulder surprised her and she peered to her left. There was no one beside her. Another light tap, but on her other shoulder, and she twirled around in the sand, but again, no one was there.
She trudged through the white, silky sand to where the water kissed the land and knelt down to touch the foam before it disintegrated. As she stood, a hand reached out to help. She peered up and found Star standing before her, strong, virile, and very naked.
“You are the perfect addition to my real oasis. Welcome. You’ve come at an auspicious time.”
“I am? I have?”
“Yes. I am having a celebration.”
“What are you celebrating?”
“You’re existence.”
“And just how are you celebrating?”
“Like this.” He stepped toward her and swept her off her feet. Never taking his eyes off of hers, he walked them into the sea. As he lowered her to stand in the waist-deep water, he kissed each shoulder and doused them with the cool liquid.
She leaned in, intoxicated by the scent of man and ocean. She blazed a trail of kisses across his chest, licked his raised nipples, and trailed eager hands down his taut ass. He hardened against her stomach, and assaulted her lips with insistent kisses. He journeyed down her throat and raised her body up just enough for him to grab a breast with his mouth and flicked his tongue, creating a frenzied explosion of sensations low in her belly. He moved from one to the other, never letting up.
Wrapping her legs around his waist, she purred at his attentiveness. If he didn’t stop, she’d climax without him ever doing anything more.
“I want to feel you all around me, Hannah. Become one with me. Let me in.”

Deena Remiel
Serving up evil and oh, so good...

Founder, AWC, Arizona Writers Consortium
Co-chair, Arizona Dreamin' ~ May 29-31, 2015 (our 5th year!)
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