Friday, July 4, 2014


Thank you for joining us in our first Dauntless Indies event anthology, From the Ashes, hosted by Dauntless Indies author Sarah M. Cradit. This will be the first of many anthologies to focus on a centrally themed event, where all of our characters and worlds come together as one.

iBooks - Coming Soon!
A Cult of Personalities by Michele Breaux-Rowley (an Aiden & Idonie adventure)
Fire & Ice by Sarah M. Cradit (a Crimson & Clover short)
A Fool’s Errand by Michelle Graves (a Chronicles of Izzy short
Labor of Love by Brandy L Rivers (an Others of Edenton short)
Heated Hearts by Felicia Tatum (a Sacred Hearts short)

An Invitation...

You are cordially invited to attend the From the Ashes ball, hosted by the Krewe of Magus, at Le Fontenot Orphelinat on Prytania in the Garden District. All proceeds from the event will go to the continued restoration and beautification of the Lower Ninth Ward, following the destruction left by Katrina.

Costumes mandatory, the From the Ashes theme this year embraces the resurrection of our city, and our people, in the spirit of a phoenix rising from its own ashes. Red and gold are the principal colors. Feathered and jeweled accents are encouraged.

Our captain this year is Luther Fontenot. Colin “Oz” Sullivan and Amelia Jameson are our king and queen, respectively. Expect our royalty, and their court, to be presented in an ornate tableau such as you’ve never seen!
The Krewe of Magus, helmed by the Deschanel dynasty, is one of the oldest, and most exclusive, Mardi Gras krewes in all of New Orleans. Attendance is by invitation only, and any guests must be approved by consensus of the board.

Please RSVP no later than the Twelfth Night.

The Stories...

Meet Dauntless Indies...
The Dauntless Indies are a group of friends, each with different contributions to the independent publishing industry. From writers to readers, all are dedicated to one, simple thing: helping all indie authors be successful.

You can find us online in the following places:
Twitter: @dauntlessindies #dauntlessindies

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