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At thirty, Sahara is in a rut. She's not dating anyone, her job is stressful and she's not having very much fun, either.

All that is about to change when she meets three people.

The first is Paris, a real-life witch who wants to be Sahara's mentor and friend. The next two are both men. Gorgeous men. Each of whom just might just be the man of her dreams.

Like they say: when it rains, it pours.

Now, as Sahara finds herself challenged by the very magic she's just learning to embrace, a mysterious and dangerous force threatens her. Soon, it becomes clear that there's only one way to deal with the escalating danger. Sahara is about to discover that she's a lot more powerful than she ever dreamed possible.

My Thoughts 

Once again H.T. Night has brought us a fun paranormal read in this, hilarious witchy love story.  All Sahara wants is what everyone else wants, a good life, and a good man to love.  She encounters a very intriguing woman who claims to be a witch, and that she can mentor Sahara and give her what she wants in life.  But in order to learn the craft she must trust and but she must be wise and not let it consume her.  With this new outlook on life can Sahara find true love, with two potential interests who will she choose?  And will she make the right decision to fulfill her fate. This book is full of lovable characters. I truly could not put it down and devoured it to the last page. 


Q:  If you could name a song that spoke volumes of you as a person want song would that be?
H.T. Night: "The First Time I ever Saw your Face" from Roberta Flack

Q:  If you could meet and have dinner with anyone famous dead or alive who would it be? What would you say to them?
H.T. Night: William Shakespeare. I would love to pick his brain and to see if he did indeed write all of the classic plays and sonnets. If he truly said he wrote everything. Then, I would love to ask him about his writing process.

Q: Who are you biggest influences in your life?
H.T. Night: My brother J.R. Rain. He really believes in my writer's voice. It's a lot different than his. My writer’s voice is raw and vulnerable. I seem to leave it all on the page. 

Q:   Have you always been interested in writing?
H.T. Night:  Yes I have. When I was younger, I wrote a lot of poetry, then stage plays, then screenplays, and then finally made my way to novels. Now I have over 20 novels.

Q:   Are you an adventurous person and if so. What is the most exciting thing you have done or what to do?
H.T. Night:  It all depends on how I feel. Some days, I'm reclusive and I just want to write all day.  There are other times where I like to go out and see new things and there are times when I feel a little adventurous.
Probably the most adventurous thing I've done in the last three years. Is I go to a major city and just explore the whole town for a week.

Q:  Besides this new book, can we expect anything else new in the future?
H.T. Night: I'm always writing. I have seven series that are still active. I'm on the 8th book of my Vampire Love story Series. I'm on the sixth book of my Entwined series. I'm on the 2nd book in my Heart of a Witch series.

Bio: H.T. Night is a paranormal romance writer who also dabs in tradition romance novels. H.T. has a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts from Cal State Fullerton.  H.T. is a full time writer and is currently working on five different book series; Vampire Love Story,  Entwined, Winning Sarah’s Heart, and two new series coming out summer of 2013. Vampire Nation series and A Witch’s Love Story. H.T. is currently working on five projects. They are Werewolf Without a Cause, Be My Valentine, Cody Greer, A Witch’s Love Story, Vampire Nation #1, and Josiah’s War Song.

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