Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Ever wondered what it felt like for that last Kiss?

Will it linger on your lips or will you want more?

Book Blurb

When time and distance had separated them, Raeve and Aidan look back to the past and clear the way for the future. Once again, time threatens their love as Aidan prepares to leave for his next mission. Can two star-crossed souls learn to overcome the past in just a few days and pick up where they left off? Or are they doomed to travel the same road once again? Only time will tell...

  My Thoughts

The Last Kiss by M.R. Murphy is a beguiling love story. Raeve and Aiden find each other, fall in love only to be torn apart by circumstances beyond their control.    Raeve is a woman who never thought much of herself, she continued on with her life only for it to be full of hurt the kind that is hard to come back from.   Finally she is able to rid herself of the evil that has tried to destroy her life.  She again finds herself in the strong comforting arms of Aiden, but will it last? This beautiful story just goes to show that a love by two people who go in different directions can reconnect once again.  This story made me cry, made me angry which are all emotions made to come alive from a great story teller.  M.R. Murphy is an author to keep an eye on in the future.

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