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Color Blind Blurb
Blinded and scarred in a freak accident a year ago, Teresa has finally found love and a new career with the help of her companion dog, Red. Red appears to be a typical German shepherd, but he shares a mental communication link with his owner that is anything but ordinary. He’s articulate, sassy and opinionated - he’s also scary-smart, and has a talent for tracking.

Teresa and Red, have partnered with ex-Navy men, David, and Bastian, to form Team Red. This unique Team helps the local police department sift through evidence to find forensic clues that only Red's sensitive nose, and Teresa's ability to ask the right questions can uncover. A twist of fate brings Team Red to the attention of the Military, and the Team gets ready for their first undercover mission (we can only divulge at this point that Red looks adorable in his tux).

WARNING: This book is a LOL paranormal extra spicy romance. Story contains a blind woman with a sassy attitude, a snarky German shepherd who stalks cats, a man-cave with secret tunnels and classified military toys, two sexy retired Navy men with a talent for tactical planning, a black and white formal ball, Marilyn Monroe, and a herd of Mustangs (okay, herd may be a slight exaggeration). This book is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18.  Sexual situations and adult language were used (and abused) in the making of this novel.

     My face was cupped in two large hands and drawn upward to meet his lips in a warm, ravenous, sucking kiss that melted me into boneless mush. “I love you,” he said brushing another softer kiss over my mouth. He was gone before I could function enough to form a response. I was left standing in the dining room, with my lips half-parted and tingling. The taste of David and lust flavoring my mouth. Wow, the man had mad oral skills.
     "Earth to Teresa,” Red said as he brushed a shoulder against my leg. “Geez, the goofy look on your face is embarrassing. Snap out of it already, where’s your pride woman!”


     “Gil, do dogs see better than humans?” I asked.
     “I’ll have to give you one of my no, but yes, answers,” He chuckled. “First off, I’m sure you already know that dogs are color blind.”
     “They see in black and white?” Lt. Osborn asked.
     “No,” Gil corrected. “Dogs are color blind, like people are color blind. They can’t see in shades of red or green. Most of what they see is in muted shades of yellow and blue. If you were to look up color blind on the internet, you’d see dogs have a very limited color spectrum. Secondly, dogs don’t have the same visual acuity that humans have – maybe only thirty or thirty-five percent. I’d have to look it up to be sure.”
     “So, you’re saying, compared to people, dogs are near-sighted?” Bas asked.
     “Yep, pretty much. On the flip side, they have better eyesight than humans in dim light, so I would venture to say their night vision is a superior. They also detect movement better than people, so they would be faster to see something camouflaged than you or I would.”
     “I am a noble nocturnal hunter,” Red said with pride. “All the better to lay my trap for unwary cats.”

About the Author

     T. Hammond lives in Spokane, WA with her goofy, neurotic, long-coat German shepherd, Dexter; he's noble and brave, until someone turns on the microwave, then she has 100lbs of quivering dog trying to hide behind her chair or bury his head under a pillow (Little known fact: a 100lb German Shepherd CAN fit under a coffee table).
     T. writes two concurrent versions of the Team Red series for both the Adult and New Adult audiences. Blind Seduction and Color Blind are part of the Blind series - featuring adult-themed erotic romance combined with a humorous paranormal storyline. The Red series featuring Red Rover and Red Zone (release date Aug 23rd) is a funny paranormal romance series with a lighter PG13 type storyline. While both series contain the same character names and a lot of shared dialogue, the Red series is stripped of sexual content and language.
     T feels that writing is not a calling so much as it is a compulsion. No one is more surprised than she is when characters take over the plot and dialog, and (re)direct stories in directions she had not (consciously) intended. She is fully convinced that the writer is the tool a story uses to tell its tale. Some tools, of course, are more appropriate for the job than others. Here's hoping, you feel she did her stories proud.
     T. has a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management from Whitworth University, and a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and before becoming a writer she was a bookkeeper, technical/manual writer, Call Center Manager and the owner of a freshwater aquarium store, Guppy Tales.

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