Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review Blind Seduction

Tragedy can bring love in more the one way....

 a dog and a sexy man what more you could you ask for?

Book Blurb


Heart pounding, she woke abruptly. It is still dark. Her mind cleared- it is always dark now. Within a heartbeat, an accident changed Teresa’s life, took her sight, and left her scarred.

Red is a typical German shepherd, well, except for the whole talking-in-Teresa’s-head thing. He’s witty, sassy, opinionated, and pretty handsome, even if he does say so himself.

If a smart-ass dog isn’t enough, Sebastian and his friend David came to town and both have set their sights on Teresa. Neither of the sexy ex-Navy men are above using military tactics to secure their target- and so begins "The Siege of Teresa March."

And, when you quit drooling over the two gorgeous men, don’t forget to consider the implications of a talking dog… the police department certainly has.

WARNING: This book is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18. Contains swearing, but not too much because the dog repeats everything. But when you have two hot and determined men pursuing the same woman, sexual situations are inevitable.

My thoughts

Tina Hammond has written a well-developed story and it literally had me enthralled in the first page. I felt I had em-barked on quite an adventure along with the characters.  When a horrible accident takes the eyesight of main character Teresa she must learn to do everything all over again, with the help of her not-so-gay assistant to her talking dog. Yes, you heard me, and it’s not crazy! When her best friend Janey brings Teresa the German Shepard puppy she had picked out before being blinded in an accident, they get the surprise of their life. The dog can talk, but only Teresa can hear him.  Then enter two sexy men, David and Sebastian both vying for her attention and will stop at nothing to win her heart.  The characters are well loved and they all have a relationship that is believable.  The author’s witty and humorous writing had me laughing out loud through the entire book and leaving me wanting more.




  1. I love the review! I also loved the book.

  2. Great interview,Loved it..Thanks for sharing!!

  3. A delicious review for an absolutely delicious book! I can't put it down!

  4. I loved this review. I am so going to have to get this books ASAP.

  5. I am so glad you all enjoyed the review I know you will enjoy the book as well..