Thursday, March 14, 2013


Is it enough to Promise not to break a Promise 

or can Love overcome anything.


What would you do if the man you loved became one of your greatest enemies? Would your love be enough to save him? All Bri wanted to do was spend her Friday night with the man she loved and adored. Little did she know leaving her home would result in her relationship with Quinn being tested beyond its limits? Fae have been organizing to invade Earth, and their devious plans are culminating now, colliding with Bri's very existence. Using a powerful glamour, the Fae trigger each person's violent tendencies, turning the streets into a battleground and strangers against each other. In a crushing blow, Quinn becomes affected and Bri finds herself battling to save her lover from himself as he stalks her relentlessly, taunting her at every turn. But fighting for her love isn't her only worry. As the battle ensues, Bri discovers a startling truth about her own heritage that she must come to terms with. She has no other choice but to fight, leading her to a confrontation that will change her world forever - and threaten to leave her with broken promises.

My Thoughts

Broken Promises by Belinda Boring is a dark an unyielding story of the Fae; one that you have not read before.  Bri and Quinn start out their day as any other day IN LOVE.  A day that starts out well is all they could hope for, but ends with an unimaginable and unspeakable evil that has been unleashed by the Fae on the human race.  Bri and Quinn are deeply in love until he is converted.  She must do what she can to save her beloved who has been corrupted by this sinister and deathly evil. She will stop at nothing to save the man she loves even if it means putting herself in danger.   Bri will learn the truth about herself and who or what she may be.  The author has done it again and will leave you waiting for the next chapter in Bri and Quinn’s escapades.  

I give this book 




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