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 Gerry Bartlett lives in Texas, halfway between Houston and Galveston. Her antique business on the historic Strand on the island is open again after it went under eight feet of water during Hurricane Ike. When she's not treasure hunting for the store, she loves heading to the Texas capitol of Austin where she imagines her vampire Glory St.Clair of the Real Vampire series has her own antique business and vintage clothing shop. You can read more about Gerry and her series at and find links to her fan sites there. She's shown here in her back yard with dog Jet, a whippet. He's her alarm clock and literary muse, keeping her company when she's at the computer. Gerry loves to hear from readers and you can reach her from her web site or by snail mail at P.O. Box 101, League City, TX 77574-0101. She previously wrote as Lynn McKay and you might find her Regency historical available on Amazon too.

Years ago, my mom told me that every girl/woman needed to read at least one romance with a pirate or a Scotsman as the love interest/hero.  She promptly took me to the bookstore and placed me in the romance section to choose. She thought I would go for the sexy men in kilts. Well I did.  I just added something extra; or as we in Louisiana like to say; lagniappe. Yes that is right.  I picked up the book with a curvaceous vampire on the front. It was a little strange because my vampire knowledge up to that point was that all vampires were skinny.  Well, a new age has dawned!  Mrs. Bartlett has turned the curvy vampire into a milestone. And I love her for it. Oh and FYI  there is sexy Scotsman with kilt to boot. But to find out if Scottish vampires wear anything under THEIR kilts, well you will just have to read the books and ask Glory his vampire.........

Q:  You own a vintage store so does Glory.  When did you first realize you loved vintage clothing and items?
Gerry:  After I quit teaching, I was looking for something to get me out of the house when I wasn't writing. A friend of mine had always wanted me to hit estate sales with her. When I finally did, I was hooked.

Q:  Jerry is a vampire from Scotland have you ever been to Scotland is there a pull to this beautiful country?
Gerry:  My maiden name is McKay so I have Scottish roots, but I’d never been to Scotland until I started writing Real Vampires Have Hips Happen. I decided Glory was going to pursue Jerry to Castle Campbell and wanted to see if for myself. I met some friends in northern England and we drove there. Had a great time exploring Edinburgh and Dollar, the town where Castle Campbell is located. It is beautiful there.

Q:  Why did you decide to go with a curvy vampire as your main character?
Gerry: A friend suggested the idea and I could certainly relate to a woman with figure issues. I’ve always fought my own weight. It was the fact that Glory was slightly overweight that sold my series to Berkley Publishing.

Q:  Who is your favorite vintage designer?
Gerry:  I love Pucci prints. I’d be thrilled if I found one of his dresses or tops one day in a thrift store. They were popular in the sixties.

Q:  What is your favorite pastime when not writing?
Gerry:  Shopping. I’m terrible. I love to shop, not just for antiques and vintage finds but I have a purse collection that’s out of control.

Q:  If you had the chance to meet some who inspired you from the past who would it be and what would you talk about?
Gerry:  That’s a tough one. Jackie Kennedy had such style but I’d be too intimidated to say anything!

Q:  Ian McDonald for all those who read your books have special antidotes for vampire to do things they normally can't do i.e. go out in the sun.  If he could make something for you what would you want him to make?
Gerry:  That magic pill that would make me the perfect size I’ve always wanted to be—a six I guess. I’d love that!

Q:  What is your greatest accomplishment in life?
Gerry:  My son, he’s a fine man and a great husband and father. I am so proud of him.

Q:  If you could go back in time where would you go and what era?
Gerry:  Not going back. I love our technology now. I have lived without microwaves and cell phones. Never again. And when we have hurricanes down here, I’ve had a few weeks without electricity. Spare me.

Q:  Authors experience a lot while writing what is the funniest thing you have experienced while doing anything with writing, book signing etc?
Gerry:  I have a lot of fun writing. I actually crack myself up with some of the stuff I write. As for fans at signings, they are great. I love to meet them and have had only good things happen. My first one was a dream come true. All my friends and family came. It’s still a rush to see a book with my name on it on the shelves. I do grab people in the book stores and show them my books if I see they are carrying around someone else’s vampire or paranormal books. Usually they are happy to meet me. But I do show them my picture in the back, to confirm I am the author and not some crazy lady. Well, crazy but I did write the book.

Q:  Besides glory and blade who is your favorite character in your books and why?
Gerry:  I admit I am in love with Israel Caine, the rock star. That’s why in Real Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans, he and Glory finally get together. I couldn't wait. My editor was reluctant, she’s Blade and Glory all the way, but she agreed it was time. Anyway, I guess Ray’s my fantasy man. He was for Glory too. She had to go there at least once. He sang to her! How cool was that? As far as being a keeper? Well, not so sure about that. We may be attracted to bad boys, but they don’t make good life partners.


You can find a complete list of Gerry's books on her website or goodreads and they can be purchased at your local bookstore or!!!!!

Out March 5, 2013 so pick up your copy!!!!!!!!!!

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