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A Mythical love story!!!

Lions, Vampires and Guardians oh My



Solomon is broken. Well, that is what her ex-husband called her numerous times after discovering she could not conceive. After catching her husband in bed with another woman, she returns to her hometown, Rock Hill, SC and starts her life over as a medical biller hell bent to remain in her safe little bubble, ruled by her Siamese cat, Izzy.

Everything seems perfect in her safe little world, and she is content to live a life without worrying about a man breaking her heart... until a mysterious new neighbor moves into the house that has been vacant since her elderly neighbor passed away four years ago. Then a new physician starting at her office has his sights on her.

Both men know the secret behind Solomon's broken life. Will she be able to handle the news?

My Thoughts

Has a loved one ever told you, that you were broke? It hurts doesn’t it?  In DM McDaniel’s book Broken, first In the Guardian Dream series, this is what happened to main character Sullivan.  Follow Solly on a soul searching adventure, one that will surprise both the reader and the characters. Solly goes on a whirl wind ride to find the truth about whom and what she is to become.  Solly will find her love and come to the realization that she is truly not broke.  A story full of twists and turns shifting at every turn of the page.  The author’s use of witty comebacks made me fall out of my chair laughing.  What do you get when you have a hunky man, a sexy vampire and a pretty lady you get a book worth reading.  I cried and laughed with the characters because they are easy to fall in love with, the story is well written and when you are done you will want to pick up the next one.  

I give this book

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