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It takes a lot to get a book published whether online or print form.  And what's one of the most important things in making sure your book looks nice and neat?  Let's just say you want to make sure all your I's are dotted and your T's are crossed.  I had a chance to talk to an online editor Mary-Nancy Smith of Eagle Eye Editing, to find out a little bit about why she does what she does and what goes into making a book mistake free.

Q: What made you decide to be an editor?
Mary-Nancy: This past summer I was doing some beta reading for an author and she was really enjoying the critiques that I was sending her. We got to talking about her book and what I was currently doing, which was not much, and she suggested that I look at an online editor's website that she had found. I contacted that editor and she gave me the ins and outs of what she did. I talked to my family about whether or not they thought I could do the online editing thing and they all agreed it was a great idea. So on July 4th I set up my website and here I am!

Q: What exactly does your job entail?
Mary-Nancy: I offer three different packages on my website. The first is just a grammatical review of a book. The second includes grammar and sentence structure. The third includes the first two and then I go through the book and offer critiques for the characters and I offer ideas about the plot. The third package takes longer than the first two but I really enjoy being able to interact with the characters and the story line.

Q: In school could you easily find the mistakes in paper?
Mary-Nancy: Yes, I do not know how many college papers I have written or edited for others, but I would probably have to say it would be close to 100 at least.

Q: How long have you been editing books?
Mary-Nancy: Since July 4th of this year.

Q: What is the most difficult part of editing a book?
Mary-Nancy: I think the most difficult part is probably going through each sentence to make sure that all of the tenses are correct and all of the commas are in the right spot. I have to say that I really love every part of the editing process it is just fun to me!

Q: What is the most challenging thing you come across when you are working?
Mary-Nancy: I think the most challenging thing I have come across has been the names and words that are made up. I have had to email several authors about whether a word or name is misspelled or not because I was not sure whether it was real. It is fun to read about new things but sometimes it is confusing.

Q: When you are not editing what do you like to do for fun.
Mary-Nancy: Read, I know that sounds silly but that is one of the reasons that I love my job because I truly love to read. Even when I am working on an edit, I am usually reading a "fun" book on the side just so I can have some down time from my work. I also love to bake. I make something fun or new at least once a week. I love to share whatever I make and sometimes my hubby gets mad because he ends up not getting any.

Q:  When you get a chance to just read for yourself what do you enjoy reading?
Mary-Nancy: I love just about everything. I like romance, paranormal, mystery, historical, and young adult. I am really not picky!

Q:  If you could edit the book or books of your "dream author", who would that author be?
Mary-Nancy:  OH wow. That is an excellent question. There are so many good ones out there that I would love to work with but I honestly would be a nervous wreck. If I had to choose, just one it would probably be Nora Roberts. I love all of her books and even her JD Robb series. That would be too awesome!

Q: What has been one of the most exciting things that has happened to you while editing?
Mary-Nancy:  I think all of the awesome authors I have become friends with have been the most exciting. Just knowing that I have helped them fulfill a dream has been the most rewarding thing ever.

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  4. Awesome interview with an awesome editor!!! <3

  5. This was a fabulous interview done with the lady who was brave enough to edit my book. Even though Mary-Nancy Smith is fairly new to the editing game, she does an absolutely wonderful job. <3
    As an author, she made the whole process enjoyable.

  6. A fantastic interview!!!!
    If it wasn't for Mary-Nancy's hard work and great talents, my books would never sing off the pages like they do now.:)