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And my Adventure Continues.........

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Having been dropped off by the kindly doggen I shuffle up the walk way exhausted from all the excitement today*. I proceed to open the door throw my purse on the table and lock the door.

 Sluggishly walking to my room I flop myself on the bed. I immediately fall asleep into a deep deep sleep.

Annaleesa Scribe Virgin *Having seen this human within the walls of the mansion and knowing that she is learning much of Mine race, I come to her to learn of her intentions* Diana Jacobsen, what are your intentions with all these question of mine?

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Stirring in my sleep* I hear a voice that I do not recognize. The voice is asking me something. I try to wake and open my eyes. And there she is in all her glowiness. It is the SV. wiping my eyes this cant be this must be a dream. Uh uh uh I stammer my intentions are of no harm to the race maam. Oh my gosh did I just call the Scribe Virgin  ma'am. Shakes head to clear it. I just want to know what makes them a family and why they do what they do. Smiles at the Scribe Virgin hoping she wont smite me down. holding my breath waiting for her answer hoping she is OK with my answer.

Annaleesa Scribe Virgin *Seeing that my appearance has frighten this human, verily tis pleasing to know that, yes, my appearance does still cause great concern to those who know not what I am.* Mine are a strong race. The Brother's and their Shellan's within the walls of the mansion are truly a family all of their own. They call upon each other when they need the support and love of another. They shall always be there for each other for it is as it always has been and as it always will be.

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Nods at the SV* thinking this is very true as what I have seen so far. The brothers and there shellans have truly been kind to me as a human welcoming me in to their home. I sit  back and ponder how to ask the SV a question. Since I know she does not like questions directed to her.

Annaleesa Scribe Virgin *Knowing that this human has many questions within her head and that she has been told that I care not to have questions asked of me, I offer her the opportunity to seek out information from the one true source* Diana Jacobsen, does thee desire more information of me? I shall grant thee the opportunity to ASK me the questions you fear to ask. *nods to her*

Diana Marie Jacobsen Looks up into this beautiful entity and shakes head oh yes ma'am I do. Pulls a notebook out of somewhere not sure where. Thinking dreams are cool. Then regains composure and begins to ask her questions.
 1.  Why did you choose this specific series or character?

 I have loved the book series and was a fan of another group. But when our first V invited me to the group I fell in love. As for this character I wanted one that was fairly simple and one that was not as demanding. An for me ASV is not demanding.

2.  ‎Does anyone find that they have characteristics in RL that correspond with their RP character?

 Oh I totally do! I have such control issues! I have issues with my kids - my daughter is a major sore subject for me! And as a mother I want to make sure that all are taken care of but if you cross me WATCH OUT!!! *grin*
 3.  ‎1. What gave you guys the idea to get together and RP characters in the BDB series?

 The group was here when I joined. I had been a fan and followed for a bit.

Annaleesa Scribe Virgin Very well...  *looks upon the human* Very well Diana Jacobsen. I have allowed you many questions to be asked. I have granted thee access to Mine Family - something that only few have been provided. Now, thee knows this is very special. I shall ask that thee not disclose this to others who would cause Mine harm for you know what can come of this to mine.

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Shakes head* yes ma'am I am very blessed for this experience. I would never want any harm to come to any of your family.

Annaleesa Scribe Virgin I wish thee well Diana Jacobsen. You are a follower of mine. And as with all those that follow mine, my wish for them is the same as it is for mine. All my blessings upon thee. *touching every so slightly to not cause harm, I materialize back to my realm.*

Diana Marie Jacobsen I wake up rubbing the sleep from my eyes and the most wonderful dream. Shaking my head no it cant be possible she was not here. Looking down on my bed side table there is the notebook with all the questions she answered.

Since I was not able to finish my interview at the manse, I have kindly been offered a chance to come back. Getting dressed before Fritz gets here.  I shake my head at the thought of  that silly dragon making me faint like that. What was that all about. *Answering my question* of course you do Diana he is HAWT with a capital H really come on he's not called Hollywood for nothing . Laughing as i finish I hear a knock on the door. *Opening the door I see Fritz smiling at me.

Fritz Ghardian *Knocking on the door* Miss Diana opens the door and seems much more confident today.  Tis ready to go Miss Diana.  She nods and we make our way to the car.  We arrive and I open her door and help her out.  Tis a pleasure to have you again and mine family are excited to see you again.  *tries to hide a smirk* I am sure Master Rhage will behave himself.

Diana Marie Jacobsen  I follow Fritz to the manse.  Once inside I hear rumbling laughter coming from somewhere.  *Looking at Fritz I give him that look like what is going on.

Fritz Ghardian * I look at Miss Diana * Tis fine it's just mine family playing a game of pool before First Meal.  Come,  Miss Payne would like you to visit the stables before we eat.

Diana Marie Jacobsen  Following Fritz to the stables I am suddenly excited I get to see the horses.  I have heard that Glory and Onhyx they are a wondrous sight to see as horses go that is.

Payne Ghardian *Being down at the Stables, seeing Fritz and our visitor approaching, I look up and smile, then over at Diana.* Hello Diana, tis good to see thee. I hope thou likes thy visit when visiting mine beautiful Lady, Glory.

Diana Marie Jacoben  *Looks at Payne and shakes head yes ma'am and if it is at all possible I would love to ask some questions. * Going over to Glory ever so carefully so not to spook her*. I gently reach my hand out to feel the softness of her muzzle and then turn to Payne. Ma'am this is a very exquiste horse you have. I  also see Onhyx in the stall to my right.  Payne sees me notice him and hands me an apple to give his as a treat.

Payne Ghardian *Smiling at her and then nodding.* Of course I will answer any questions thee has and yes, she is a very exquisite horse, the best gift I have ever received. Would thee like me to get her out properly for thee and introduce her to thee.

Diana Marie Jacobsen Oh yes ma'am that would be very nice of you. *Sits down on a nearby bench and I pull a notebook out of my purse to get ready to ask my questions. *As I do this I watch Payne take the beautiful horse out for me to see much better.

Payne Ghardian *Walking Glory out and then towards Diana.* My beautiful Lady, say hello to our visitor, tis is Diana. *Smiling as I watch Glory nod her head up and down to say hello, and then Diana giggling a little.* She will not hurt thee, she loves meeting new people, does thou not mine Lady. *seeing her lift her hand and running it along Glory's muzzle and her snort at her in approval. I relax a little and then look at Diana.* So what would thee like to ask thee?

1.  Do you have a favorite book or character and why?

See I can't choose one book, so my favorites would have to be Awakened Unleashed, Unbound, and Revealed. But if I had to choose my favorite character, that is is simple Zszadist, my heart broke in two when I read is book.  I love how we saw him go from one of the most angriest, saddest and unfriendliest people in the house into a caring and passionate one.  A completely different male.  And do not start me on what I think of him as a father, my heart still melts to this day how he is with Nalla. 

2.  Why did you choose this specific series or character. 

For me BDB was the first series I had read, I have read many more since but nothing compares to this one.   I love how they all became one big family after just being the Brotherhood for so long, the house is not full of love and laughter and as for Payne, she and still is very much a challenge and I love that about her.  She is a lot more then some think she is and I hope to bring that across in her. 

3.  Tell me something funny that happens while RP?

As all have said before, it's chat, we have the most random bizarre conversations I ever thought possible within a family, just changes like the click of a finger. 

4.  How long have you been RP'ing?

I started RP'ing back in Febuary this year, so nearly 9 months for me and I have never looked back .

5.  How difficult is it to come up with and write a scene?

Depends on the scene we are doing as to how difficult it is, most of the time we draw inspiration from a picture we find.  Putting it into words, so the fan gets a clear picture is key.  For me the hardest thing is remembering how Payne speaks sometimes, with the thou, thee, mine, verily and thy but  found out after awhile, it just comes to be as I slide into her brain.  Switching off to all around me and we do try our hardest to keep them to as close to the books as we possible can.  It is what makes this a great family to be a part of. 

6.  Do you find that your characteristics in RL that correspond with their RP character?

I wish I had Payne's spirit and fight in me, she is a very strong and very opinionated female who takes no messing from anyone, not even the King.   She is strong willed against her own Mahmen, where as the others would not attempt to talk to the Scribe Virgin that way, she likes to push the boundaries but I suppose I have a heart like her, where she loves all around her and is fiercely protective of her family and friends.

7.  Do you find challenges in your particular character?

Mine would have to be the way Payne speaks and also to remember she was born to fight and is a Wharrior through and through, very much like her father. 

8.  Ok what do you think would be your character's favorite cartoon.

 Jessica Rabbit?? No, kidding ..... if had to choose one, would say Rogue or maybe Jean Grey(Phoenix)
 OH!! or even Death strike lol

Fritz Ghardian * Speaks to Miss Diana* Tis time to head back to the main house. I think Miss Payne may have some other guests that should be arriving soon.  First meal should be ready by now.  Miss Payne I hope you will be joining us likewise perhaps with your other guests.  Miss Diana proceeds to pick up her belongings and get up to follow me.

Payne Ghardian *Nodding my head at Fritz.* Of course I will be at first meal, I will see thee up there, once I have taken Glory out for a quick run and see to my other guests. *Smiling at Diana.* Are thee joining us for first meal, also? *Seeing her nod and smile at me.* That will be nice, see thee there then
Diana Marie Jacobsen As I follow Fritz back to the house I smile to myself.  This indeed has been a chance of a lifetime.  We reach the house and Fritz escorts me into the dining room where the room is filled with laughter and noise.  Making my way in I suddenly stop and freeze. 


Meanwhile lets see who those special guests are that are here to see Payne!!!!!!!!

Coming soon..... Be on the look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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