Friday, November 2, 2012

*MacHollister Fragrance for Him and Her*

I am proud to introduce MacHollister for Him and for Her. It is a new fragrance inspired by author A.B. McKinley and for his Kilted Desire, Sands of Betrayal (Book One in the Kilted Desire series.)

Author A.B. McKinley has graciously granted me an interview and it will be posted here on the blog in the next couple of weeks, so please check back or watch my FB page or the Kilted Desire, Sands of Betrayal FB page for time and date of interview! It is a good one, for sure!!!


MacHollister for Him/Her - Cologne
A scent fae the Highlands


MacHollister for Him - Rugged

The Original MacHollister for Him.
A sexy,rugged Signature Scent. A "rugged" fragrance with a heady warm amber, sandlewood, musk and a hint of spicy patchouli.

MacHollister for Him - Sport  

A light, sporty Signature Scent for the on-the-go guy! A "sporty" light scent of lime, coconut and a hint of verbena.



MacHollister for Her - Sensual

The Original MacHollister for Her.
This "sensual" Signature Scent is mouth-watering buttery vanilla, a light touch of soft
musk and a hint of floral. Very delicious.

MacHollister for Her - Demure

A light, feminine "demure" Signature Scent for the delightful combination of buttery vanilla and sensual musk, kissed with fresh fragrance of sweet ripe pears! Very feminine and a lighter, softer, sweeter fragrance.


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