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Well this has been a roller coaster of a ride getting this all together.  But a fun one nonetheless.  I had tons of fun and tons of help in this wild ride.  Hoping through all my words and photos you can tell how much this experience has meant to me and everyone involved.   This group truly does do this for the fans and most importantly for the FUN of it. 

THE FINAL CHAPTER.............

Diana Marie Jacobsen I come out of my frozen state to see two grown men may I add giant men playing pea football.  As I look around in astonishment I realize that the two men one of them is the dragon and the other is Qhuinn.  The two are so engrossed in there game of pea football *thinking to myself WTH but shake it off* neither one sees me as I enter with Fritz.  All at once everyone notices  I am in the room.  And to make matters worse the dragon looks up from his fanciful game of  *enter air quotes here* of pea football to smirk at me and raise his eyebrows.  No siree I am not fainting again.  As I look around I see that most everyone is here.  To my right I see Phury, Cormia,  Blay, John Matthew, Xhex, Layla and Selena.  And to my left there is Tohrment,  Autumn, Marissa and Butch, Manny who is  most certainly waiting for Payne to come back from the stables.  I also see Vishous and Jane sitting at the table.  Jane waves to me.  Wrathh sitting at the head of the table with Beth on his lap being fed pieces of food. Mary sitting next to Rhage shaking her head at her Hellren as he plays pea football, looking up to wave at Diana.  Just then Zszadist and Bella walk in with Nalla who comes in blowing bubbles with a giant grin on her face. 

Nalla Ghardian  walks in with  her Mahmen and notices a human here.  *Tugging on her sleeve, Mahmen who is that? I look to the stranger and blow more bubbles.  Then reach down  to pet George on the head.

Bella Ghardian *Looks at Nalla* She is our guest Nalla. 

Fritz Ghardian *Shows Miss Diana a chair* Have a seat. Tells her she will be fine they won't bite but I must escort Miss Payne's other guests to the stables.  *Looking at Miss Diana her confidence in being here as much improved.  

Diana Marie Jacobsen  *Squashing my nerves down and thinking* They really are not that bad.  I look around the table as the family jokes with each other.  Rhage and Qhuinn have resumed their game of  *pea football* 

Beth Ghardian *Sitting on Wrathh's lap thinking that this would be a good time as any to have Diana finish her questions*.  It doesn't seem like she will faint again. Her confidence seems much stronger and she seem to be enjoying herself.  *Watching Diana laughing at everyone telling jokes and the game of pea football, *gets everyone's attention*  Diana do you have anymore questions for us?

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Pulling my attention away from all the other faces I turn to the Queen * Yes ma'am I do.  *Reaching into my purse I pull my notebook out, and then I reach up to my ponytail to extract the pencil that for some reason is always there when I need it.

***Just then Payne and Tohr come in with who I can only assume are the other special guests, Briar and Hazel.  The looks on there face show that they have had the time of their lives.  Grinning from ear to ear they come in and their faces light up even more at the sight before them.  They are welcomed and sit down to listen to my interview. 

1.  Why did y'all start RP?

Blaylock Ghardian First, because I love to write. I've never done this before and I would never be doing this if wasn't for Rhage and Vishous. They believed in me, more than myself. And gave me courage to go ahead. Then I found out the RP can be addicting. When you start to do it you want to do even more. I wanted to be inside a character shoes to learn more about him, about the others and live this serie inside my heart.
Selena Ghardian I was and still am a fan and wanted to try it. I have never RP'ed before and I have to say that I love it.
Autumn Ghardian I had never thought about RP'ing until I saw a post from Rhage or E about needing players. After talking to Ehlena and Blay in a few messages I decided that I HAD to be a part of this group. They were too awesome not to at least try to be a part of it and since then I am thankful every day.
Payne Ghardian I had, like most never even contemplated RP'ing before in my life. I was just simply a fan loving what they were all writing and they were given me that bit extra I got from when I had read all the books, I was approached by Vishous and asked if I would be interested in taking a role on as I seem to interact well with them as a fan. So I tried out for the one female role I adore and as they say that was it, I became Payne and I thank V each and every day for that, it  not for him I would not of found something I love to do with a great bunch of people and something that is very very addictive too.
Zszadist Ghardian It's funny... I don't consider this role playing. I'm "being" Z. Gosh, I mean I get to live and breath a character I love so much. To me, role playing is like... I don't know Dungeons and Dragons. LOL When each of us step into our character's shoes, we become them. We think like them. We interact with our brothers and sisters like them. We become the essence of what Ward developed. Why did I chose it? Because the moment the notice went up he was available, I had to give it a shot. Plus... I enjoyed how Rhage interacted with the fans. I wanted to be entangled in that type environment. I have found the greatest network of people being in this family...and if anyone ever hurt any of them, they have me to contend with.
Blaylock Ghardian Thanks Z! You said exactly what I wanted to say. I started being an RP in the beginning With time I've noticed from the moment I step into his shoes "I am" him. I live, cry, laugh, suffer, interact with the family... everything with Blay's heart and mind.
Tohrment Ghardian I'd never thought about it until, like Autumn, I saw the posting about needing players and I thought, Well, why not? I love to write and this group is active and fun and I wanted to give it a try. Now I have to say I totally agree with Z...I *am* Tohr when I'm online, and I love the fan interaction. And my writing is constantly being challenged by the awesome writers in this group! It's so much fun. And I love chatting with this group--they are so supportive and helpful and loving. It's become a huge part of my life and I'm so glad I started.
Rhage Ghardian Wait?? We Role Play?? *grins* Because when I put a book down especially a series, I miss them and I wanted to stop missing them, so when I found my first group on FB, I joined and then started to play, but that is another story. I RP to bridge a gap, to make getting to the next book easier and not seem as long. The group I started with did not do stories like this group does, but they included the fan into their world, so that is why I am good at that, and why it is important to me to make the fan feel at home and to never belittle the fan, some groups do. Why do I want to RP? Because I enjoy it
Butch O'Neal Ghardian Well I do it, as I love to interact with people and this is a great way to do it, this group is now my extended family and I love them all to death. I love being able to bring such a character to life, he is the inner me, I am quite a sarcastic person and have been known to throw out some one liners and I hope that, that does comes across in him too. I love that we can do this for the fans who love BDB so much, even as a fan myself, I love all what is done here.
Phury Ghardian It's my chance to escape from real life, be someone else for a while. Some enjoy sports, video games, etc., I enjoy RP.
Marissa O'Neal Ghardian To bring to life the wonderful characters that are written
Mary Ghardian When I first started RP I had no clue what I was doing. I had just become a fan of this group and saw they were in need of drivers and Mary was one of them. Her and Rhage have always been my favorite couple, so I thought, why not? I'm thankful everyday that they thought well enough of my try out and accepted me. Rhage had a lot to teach me but he did so with kindness and patience and I honestly don't think I would still be here without him. Now I absolutely love to write and couldn't imagine not being her.

2I know you all read the books. Do you have a favorite book or character and why?
Phury Ghardian Lover Awakened is my absolute favorite book in the series. The scenes are extremely vivid in my own mind, and the unbearable pain Z experiences seem so heartfelt. As for a character, I love many of them. V, Z, Blay and Phury. However,
Phury Ghardian Lover Awakened is my absolute favorite book in the series. The scenes are extremely vivid in my own mind their order changes from time to time.
Zszadist Ghardian Hands down, Awakened is my favorite. After that Dark Lover, Unbound, and Lover Revealed. Z is my favorite character. He had me the very first time he walked into Wrathh's office. I knew there was something...just amazing about him. No one trusted him, he stood alone but by choice. To overcome the trauma of his life is amazing to me. One of my favorite moments in Awakened was after Bella's needing period and he was in Wrath's office. He was looking in the mirror and all of his brothers stood behind him. He felt in that moment, should he fall that they would catch him. And it's true in the series as well as within in this group.
Beth Ghardian I honestly can't pick one book Dark Lover and Lover Awakened are my top top faves but then Rehvenge's book is right there because you see the evolution of Beth and Wrath's relationship in Rehv's book.
Tohrment Ghardian I don't think I can pick a favorite either. I love Awakened, Avenged, Mine, and of course Reborn. All the stories hold special places in my heart and all speak to me in different ways at different times. It would be impossible to pick a favorite.
Rhage Ghardian I always likes Awakened, Eternal (I noticed it is not everyone's fave), Revealed and Avenged. Z was my fave character, so much anger, hurt and angst... and so much growth. I was rooting for him from the first. Rhage was the good old boy with a secret. And the reason he got it was because he had poor impulse control, I can relate to that. And Rhage and Mary's story is the only one that can truly stand on its own and is a pure unadulterated Love Story :) . Cop and Rissa story is just so them, Cop had me at his first smart mouthed comment in DL and Rissa had me at her first self doubt. And Rehv's book... I am going to deny I EVER said it but here it goes... I want a barb! *lets out a sigh* OK, I have said it, I WANT A BARB!!
Butch O'Neal Ghardian Well of course Revealed would be my personal favorite, kidding aside, my favorite books would have to be Awakened, Unbound and Revealed. As for favorite character, that would have to be Z, without a doubt. He went through so much and then too come out through it all like he did, definitely a true male of worth. Sorry bros, you are all too but him more so. Then I would have to say me of course and I love his relationship with Marissa, she is his light and also his relationship with V, the other half of him. Together they both complete what was missing in Cop.

Xhex Ghardian Love Lover Mine, Lover Revealed, Lover Avenged
3.  How is the relationship inside the group and with the fans? How does the group deal with the love of the fans?
Autumn Ghardian I completely agree with Layla. I've even made the comment that I would trade some of my RL family in for some of the other players. :D This is a wonderful group to work with and I am so honored to be a part of it. Our fans are our motivation. Interacting with the fans is awesome.
Phury Ghardian The fans are so good to Phury, and I think I have fallen in love with each of them. They make my heart full with their love and laughter. And these guys here are very much my family. If they find your missing for a couple of days, three or four of them will come searching for you with a very sincere worry.
Tohrment Ghardian I love the fans! They are so sweet. And it's fun when Phury and I do the poking bit with them--they get so intense and funny. I love the interaction.
Rhage Ghardian We deal like all families do... we fight, we make up, we love and we laugh and cry. The fans are awesome. They make me laugh and keep me going. But there are times that they are too much and make it difficult to play. We have removed fans and blocked them from the group. It is not done lightly, but we do it as a group. It is usually in extreme cases where warnings have been given and players are uncomfortable to even come on and play.
Butch O'Neal Ghardian Well what can I say here that hasn't already been said, we are like a real family here, Rhage has said perfectly what it is like here. We are just like a typical family here, we do all the same things we would do in RL and we always look out for each other, fiercely protective of each other, if someone is hurting, we all hurt for them but most of the time we are laughing, mostly at Rhage but still laughing all the same and I love the way the fans interact with us, makes what we do, worthwhile.
Xhex Ghardian Love the fans! Most are so sweet. But occasionally one gets a little too close and sends odd emails or pics and then I just unfriend them. it's kinda creepy when they do that. But mostly it's just fun and the fans are super sweet and great to play with.
4.  Tell something funny that has happened while RP.
Autumn Ghardian The funniest are some of the chats with the brothers. I have been laughing to tears before. You never know where a conversation will go when they get together. LOL
Selena Ghardian Autumn you are so right.
Blaylock Ghardian Chat. Definitely some chats are priceless
Phury Ghardian Chat!
Zszadist Ghardian I almost said something snarky to Wrathh as a fan but didn't realize I was logged in as Z. I had to delete it very quickly.
Tohrment Ghardian I have laughed so hard in Chat that I was crying, esp. when Fritz was kidnapped and wasn't supposed to be talking. I'm laughing right now just thinking of it.
Rhage Ghardian One of the funniest thinks that has ever happened while RP was one night on the fan page, I was talking with Vishous and a fan. Well the fan had a animal up as a PP and tended to act like their avatar when posting. I made fun of Vishous and the fan didnt like that so turned and bit Rhage in the shoulder. Vishous was silent... then all of a sudden my chat popped up V: "She bit you!!!" R: "yep" V: "What do you do about that?" R: "You just keep playing" V: "Oh... But she bit you" R: "V... it didnt hurt" V: "oh... OK" It was hysterical
Butch O'Neal Ghardian Well I would have to say its chat also, we have some of the weirdest conversations ever imagined and as Blay said when we talk about stuff in RL, you just can't help but smile about it when you see the character that is talking. But some of my favorites are when Rhage and me are messing about on the fan page and the fans get caught up in it and start telling one or both of us off for what we do and we start carrying it on in chat and really get into what we are doing, now that is classic.
Xhex Ghardian Chats are the best! I've literally cried from laughing.
5.  Tell something sad that may have happened while RP.
Layla Ghardian That's the easiest question to answer for me. When someone leaves the group. Very sad day when that happens!!
Autumn Ghardian Again, *laughs* I agree with Layla. When someone leaves the group it is heart breaking.
Blaylock Ghardian I agree with Layla. When someone leaves is the worst part. Especially when this one is close to you and your write partner. It hurts and it's hard to get over sometimes. As I said before, we live as a family here and looks like a loss sometimes.
Payne Ghardian As like all have said before me, that would be anyone that leaves us. We all try to help each other and pull together when that happens, it hurts and we try to get on with things especially as not to let the fans down.
Diana Marie Jacobsen Right there I can see your devotion to the books and the fans.
Zszadist Ghardian Every time someone leaves it hurts but then someone new steps into their shoes. It's sad but its the circle of RPing life.
Beth Ghardian Agree with everyone
Fritz Ghardian Losing family in this group is heart wrenching. I've cried for days over losing them, it is like a death in your family, one your not expecting and you don't know how to cope with. Just thinking about it opens wounds that make me want to cry.
Diana Marie Jacobsen Oh fritz I'm so sorry :(
Tohrment Ghardian And even tho I've only been here 3 months, when anyone leaves, there's just a feeling of loss. You get to know these friends so well and it's just a big hole. I hate it.
Rhage Ghardian *Looks at everyone and nods* Yes, loosing someone is sad... you kind of go into a depression... Kubler-Ross's steps to death and dying come into play. But when they leave because they have to and it is their choice it is good. None of this group, except Beth, maybe Mary and Payne, know the Ugly Side of RP. The back stabbing, jealousy bitch-fest that can prelude a departure. It is more painful, because you question whether or not any of the closeness was real. Now THAT is sad
Phury Ghardian They're here and then one day you read their good-bye. The pain shoots throughout your very being. Once when this happened, Rhage had us all go into the kitchen and SL together. Because that's were family gathers, and we began to heal.
Marissa O'Neal Ghardian Yes, when someone leaves it is sad, and Rhage always takes us to eat. Personally I thing it is cause he is hungry, but the end result is that we all feel like family and can heal
Diana Marie Jacobsen I am so getting the family vibe reading yall's answers
Mary Ghardian Rhage has definitely taken care of us when we've had people leave us and the sadness kicks in. For me, the saddest thing to happen since starting RP has been learning that someone you trusted has betrayed you and isn't the person you thought they were at all.
Mary Ghardian I don't think that it does but it definitely makes you start to be weary of who you trust in the future. I know that in this family, I can and do trust them all.
Rhage Ghardian (((hugs))) Mary. And it does happen... that is why we try to keep it honest here, like Marissa said
Mary Ghardian (((hugs))) well, it does happen but hopefully not that what I meant. Thank you, Nallum.
Xhex Ghardian I get so attached to the other players and I hate when they leave. That is so sad for all of us.
Diana Marie Jacobsen  *Wiping  the tears from my eyes* I think how can I get this back to happy thoughts.  *light bulb goes off*  I know  the craziest question I can.  And I already asked Fritz this question.   
6.  Ok here goes if your character could be a car what model if car and why? I know it's crazy huh. *grins*
Blaylock Ghardian Lamborghini Gallardo Nera. Black. Different, stylish, beautiful, modern. Am I being cocky? :p
Tohrment Ghardian 65 Mustang, dark blue. Classic.
Fritz Ghardian nice Tohrment
Rhage Ghardian  '67 Purple GTO

Zszadist Ghardian Porsche

Phury Ghardian BMW M5 ... Phury is classy.

Marissa O'Neal Ghardian Infinity G37 Convertible.

Mary Ghardian My poor Mary, lol. I'm going to go with a Camry. She's not flashy or all about her looks but she is dependable and won't let you down.
Xhex Ghardian  A Hummer--something that takes no shit from any other car and can roll over whatever is in her way. :)
Layla Ghardian I am going to have to say an armored truck. Because she never gets to go anywhere without a ton of protection!!
Diana Marie Jacobsen Omg you know I think you all picked perfect vehicles
Jane Ghardian What model car? Hmmmm.... I would say VW Beetle or one of those smart cars lol
Wrathh Ghardian One without headlights?

Diana Marie Jacobsen omg LMAO
Manny Ghardian 59 red Corvetter Convertable, sexy and classic
Butch O'Neal Ghardian Easy, Cadillac Escalade, huge, powerful and built for endurance
Diana Marie Jacobsen *Grinning*you know I think this was my favorite question I love all the answers
Payne Ghardian Bugatti Veyron .... sexy, sleek, fast and powerful.

Fritz Ghardian * Coming in from the kitchen* I notice mine family laughing and having a good time with the humans.  I immediately began serving mine family. 

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Sitting at the table eating, out of the corner of my eye I see what looks to me like a ferret*  *He stops and curiously looks at me for a small second. Then runs off in the direction of a what I could only assume to be Tohr's office.  As he scampers off he is quite determined in not dropping his cookie he is so carefully carrying.....  *Shaking my head and giggling slightly I turn to Briar and Hazel and ask them if they saw the ferret. They shake their head yes and that they also see  Boo..I ask them if they would like to give him some bacon. 
Briar I would love to give boo some bacon.

Hazel  I saw the ferret and would Love to give boo some bacon

Diana Marie Jacobsen  I hand them some bacon and Boo instinctively padds over and takes the bacon the girls offer him.  He twirls around their legs which are dangling from the chairs. Their faces once again light up.

Hazel Hi boo and me pats boo

Briar Me gives boo a hug

Rhage Ghardian  I get Diana's attention to let her know that it is time to go meet the BOB. *Shaking head thinking* The fuck we will let her meet them alone.

Hazel  Can we meet them.  And bye Diana

Briar Bye Diana and hi rhage me gives rhage a hug.

Diana Marie Jacobsen  Oh girls I don't think the brothers will allow that.  Look how I am heavily guarded.  *waves hands to the three giant men*.  But you can stay here and hang out with the others, maybe even John Matthew and Qhuinn will let you play "pea football"  I hug them bye and get up from my chair to go with Rhage, Tohr and Phury. 

Hazel That is okay

Briar That's okay

Wrathh Ghardian  *Hearing the scrape of the chair from the table* I know the brothers are taking Diana to meet the BOB.*Barks out a laugh* Do we have some time for some human football you know throwing the tiny human around?  *Laughing at the look he knows is on Diana's face even though he can's see.*

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Looks up in horror at Wrathh* You have got to be kidding me.  *Sidles up to Rhage, Tohr and Phury uh can we please get going guys, before Wrathh tries to play football with me as the ball.  I hear raucous laughter as we leave the manse. 

Diana Marie Jacobsen Since Rhage, Tohrment and Phury would not allow me to meet the Band of Bastards by myself I was stuck with freaking guards the size of oak trees. Once we got to the location I was guarded heavily on three sides.   Suddenly I saw the BOB materialize a ways off in the distance.  As the over size oak trees stood glaring at the BOB I could hear low growls emanating from the brothers.  Rhage informed Xcor that his "Band of Merry" *Rhages words not mine* were not allowed to come close for the humans safety. So this part will be a Q & A.

Diana Marie Jacobsen I watch as Xcor and his 2nd in command Throe come to the forefront of the other Band of Bastads.  Xcor looking straight through me with a look that could slice me open begins to laugh.  Thinking thank the Scribe Virgin I have the brothers here with me.  I seriously am on the verge of passing out and not like the time I did in front of Rhage.  *Looking up the three brothers* they ease my tension by telling me it is OK.  *As I straighten my skirt and my breathing steadys I look at the BOB and begin to ask them my questions. 

1.  Why did yalll start RP'ing?

Xcor Ghardian It's more like stepping into Xcor's shoes. I love being him.

Throe Ghardian Because I wanted to improve my writer skills and BDB is an amazing series and I found a great family here. They received me with open arms, even me being a Bastard! :p

2.  What is your favorite book and or character and why?
Xcor Ghardian Awakened, Revealed..........
Throe Ghardian Lover Reborn! Because I'm there! LOL ;) But truly is.
3.  How is the relationship inside the group and with the fans? How does the group deal with the love of the fans?
Xcor Ghardian Even as a Bastard, we are still family. When one of the BoB logs into Chat we stay in character...though I will admit to chasing around a certain doggen.
Throe Ghardian A bastard can answer the questions? Well, for more they don't love the bastards, I know they love me! They even took care of me once! :p Fans are still trying to accept BoB. I like to interact with them and they like to come to us.
4.  Why did you choose this specific series or character?
Xcor Ghardian *cracks knuckles as I sit back and ponder how to answer this question* No one likes when anyone says anything negative about the brothers. Unbound needed someone other than Lash and the Omega to come in here and bash the brotherhood. Truthfully, I love this character. He is complex in his desires to follow the "teachings" of the Bloodletter yet he wishes to be his own male. He has a heart though he feels as though he is must not show it. All he wants is unity within his soldiers and to save his race. Then there is the fair Chosen he pines for. So why be the king of the Bastards? Because deep down he is a male of worth and deserves to be portrayed that way. Am I the best...probably not. But I will bleed for this character to try.
Throe Ghardian Throe is a bastard but he is also a gentleman. He is a strong man and a trustable soldier. I  saw a complex man, with a story behind him that may surprise everybody in the future.
Diana Marie  Jacobsen  I can sense the brothers getting antsy.  *Looking up at them* and saying just one more question.  Rhage gives me that look like hurry the fuck up. 

5.  If your character could be any vehicle what would it be and why?

Xcor Datsun.......reburbished

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Suddently noticing Throe is gone*  Where the hell did he go?  Suddenly in a flash I am picked up by tree size arms and bouncing over someone's shoulder.  They did not stop until we were all in the car speeding to my house.

Rhage Ghardian What the fuck was that, an ambush.  Looking at Diana scared to death with her eyes all open wide.  *Thinking to self wondering if we will have to fucking erase her memories after all......

In a final note I would like to THANK ALL of the characters of the UNBOUND BDB GROUP for their help and patience in this project.  Your support and encouragement through this project as I later came to call it will alsways  appreciated.  As my ideas grew the project blossomed into something I never thought possible. A deep appreciation to the Admins for not shooing away the pesky human when I came to them with dozens of questions on a daily basis.   This group showed me what it is like being a part of their family.  They went above and beyond for a single fan that loves what they do....I am truly blessed to have had such a great time with such great people.  *TRUE*
I have witnessed the devotion to their fans first hand whether I was involved or I  was watching by the sidelines.  Being fans themselves this groups truly does what they do for their fans. 
And a special thanks to Elizabeth Keckler for making my photo collages.  This could not have been done without you. I am so relieved you did not get tired of me coming to you time after time for a photo.  You rock ma'am and are extremely talented.  HUGS to you my friend.
To my new friends Briar and Hazel thank you for showing me how much you love this group. Ya'll seriously have a special place in my heart. 


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