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Fritz Ghardian I do hope we are not interrupting. I know our King is quite busy but knew he wanted to meet your guest this evening. Miss Diana, may I introduce, our family Physicians Dr Jane, Dr Manello and *Bowing* King Wrathh.
Diana Marie Jacobsen *Walking in around Fritz and looking up* Oh wow that is the biggest guy I have ever seen. of course this was thought it my head. *Shakes my head to steady my nerves* Nice to meet you Dr. Jane and Dr. Manello. Once again I look up at the King, * thinking should I bow or not* Nice to meet you King Wrathh I say in a squeaky voice and immediately blush.
Jane Ghardian Hello Diana, nice to meet you. *Taking your hand and shaking it, then remember my temp difference, I take my hand back.* Sorry for the coldness. *Giving a smile.* How is everyone treating you?
Wrathh Ghardian *extending my hand toward the sound of her voice* Welcome Diana. How has your tour of the manse been? *she clasps her hand in mine and I can feel her shake* We are very happy to have you here. You are safe. *Sensing the tension easing*
Diana Marie Jacobsen *As I shake the Kings hand I realize his big hand could snap my small hand in two.* Quickly I dismiss the thought . No need to think like that. My tension starts to ease and I begin to relax. Thank you for having me I tell the King * in a voice that is much more sure this time* My tour has been most enjoyable. I start to babble about how awesome the library and the kitchen were and how I can't wait to see more. *suddenly I slap my hand over my mouth I realize the King is cocking an eyebrow at me above his wraparounds. I immediately blush and then curtsy. *thinking in my head I seriously need to stop making an ass of myself.
Manny Ghardian Diana, it's so nice to meet you. Don't let the big guy scare you, he's really not that bad *Winking at her* Well most of the time, as long as he follows Doctors orders and learns too control his temper.

Diana Marie Jacobsen  Looks at the three after I have resumed my breathing to normal.  May I ask you some questions?

Wrathh Ghardian *Barking with laughter and cocking a brow above his wraparounds* It would be my fucking pleasure. *clears throat and blushes* I do apologize Diana

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Looks at the king and shakes her head* wow I wonder if he kisses his mama with that mouth.  *silently stifles a laugh*

Jane Ghardian *looks at the king* Please stop scaring her  and looks at Diana.  Yes we would be happy to.

Manny Manello  Of course it's our pleasure .  *Smiling *

1.  How long have you been RP?

Jane Ghardian As Jane a month or so.

Wrathh Ghardian since May.

Manny Manello  A few weeks.

2.  What do you find to be the hardest challenge in RP?

Jane Ghardian  Hardest part is not getting completely wrapped up the group. There are days when I could chat with the others all night, but we all MUST sleep lol

3.  Why did you choose the particular series and/or character?

Jane Ghardian I fell in love with the series while reading Dark Lover. I know Jane isn't one of the most popular Shellan's but I lover her. She is complex and not at the same time.

Wrathh Ghardian Fuck have you seen my Leelan? Who wouldn't want to work with her? No in all seriousness, my real life mirrors this character.

Manny Ghardian You mean there are other books and series? Not in my head, this series will always be first in my heart.

4.  Could you tell me something funny that has happened during RP?

Jane Ghardian Chats! They have me rolling. As always when some of the brothers get together.

Wrathh Ghardian Chat... Especially when Cop and Rhage are at it.

Manny Gharian Chat sessions are the best, ever night where this group winds up is funny.

5.  How hard is it to come up with and write a SL?

Jane Ghardian They usually start with a simple idea then grow quicker than you think they would. Its great to see and SL that was just an idea turn into a big event like with the halloween party.

6.  How is the relationship inside the group and with the fans? How does the group deal with the love of the fans?

Jane Ghardian  Love the fans. They are the reason we are all here. And we are like one big family.

Wrathh Ghardian I care deeply for everyone in this group. I would throw myself in front of a bus for anyone of them. As for the fans...I love them. We have some dedicated ones.

Manny Ghardian We have the worlds greatest fans, supportive and caring. Love working with this group, there is never a dull moment in Unbound.

7.  Ok what do you think would be your characters favorite cartoon?

Jane Ghardian Casper. :D you know thats funny. lol
Manny Ghardian The Brain on Pinky and The Brain

8.  Do yall find that there are charactericts in RL that correspond with your character?

Jane Ghardian The wanting to help everyone before herself I completely get.

Wrathh Ghardian I have long hair and I can scare the crap out some people
Manny Ghardian Having the need to heal everyone and take care of people is in my nature
Fritz Ghardian I do hope we did not cut your exam short, we will be moving on. If I have timed this right Rhage should be in the Training center for his work out.
Diana Marie Jacobsen Waves goodbye to Dr. Jane and Dr. Manello. Curtsys to Wrathh again. *immediately gives myself a forehead slap* I need to stop embarrassing myself in front of the King. *reaches down and pats George's head as I follow Fritz. Thank you all so much.
Jane Ghardian Good luck. *laughing then noticing Diana's face.* Sorry, kidding. He's really harmless. *Smiling* It was nice meeting you again. *I watch them all head out and look over at Manny.* Well that went better than I thought.~

Continuing Diana's Tour

Fritz Ghardian *As we leave the Infirmary I can already hear the sounds of Rhage coming through the halls* I do hope you are enjoying your visit with us tonight.

Rhage Ghardian *arms up and feet moving, I start to jab at the bags* Take that you fucker... *jab jab, dance around, jab* You thought to put itching powder in my leathers!! *dance dance, jab* You will pay *jab jab* Fucking Qhuinn!! *Jab... then watches the bag almost come off the chains, I reach for it to stop it when I hear Fritz* Fritz!! did you bring any water? Hey who is this? Selling tours of the place for extra money?

Fritz Ghardian Very funny Master Rhage *Trying not the smirk* May I introduce our honored guest Miss Diana. As you may have figured out Miss Diana by his colorful vocabulary this is our resident Dragon Rhage.

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Slowly walking in behind Fritz I started shaking again* Omg I think to myself I am about to meet the dragon. *Telling myself to take deep breaths. *Breathing slowly so I don't hyperventilate. My eyes widen in big round circles. *ok ok deep breathes* looking up at Rhage *rubs back of neck* thinking I am going to get a crick in my neck if I have to keep looking up at these guys. *Smiles sweetly at the Dragon* thinking please don't eat me. Hi I squeak out *crap what is it with the squeaky voice tonight.

Rhage Ghardian *Smirking at Fritz* I think we need WD-40 for these chains, they are squeaky *turns to Diana* So how is your tour of the Mansion? Seeing anything you like? *lifting an eyebrow at her as she starts to swoon a bit* Aww hell Fritz! Get the salts, she might be going down! *Turning to Diana* I have that effect on a lot of the women *winking at her and crossing my arms over my chest* What has been your favorite room so far?

Diana Marie Jacobsen *Looks up and feels dizzy all of a sudden* uh uh uh uh *I stammer* uh uh what was the question. *Thinking I am sooo not swooning over Mr funny pants. No not going to do it. Not going to go down. *slowly feeling the floor hit my face* WTH

Fritz Ghardian *Did she just faint over Rhage, maybe it was to warm for her. Hearing Rhage saying that I should probably get her some air, I agree and head to the Garden with Miss Diana. I am not quite sure I have ever seen any faint from the sight of a Brother, it must have been the excitement*

Fritz Ghardian *Helping Miss Diana to a bench in the Garden I help sit her down* How fare thee.
Blaylock Ghardian *Walking through the garden, doing my regular walk listening to some music I see Fritz and a woman talking, sit on a bench. I think it's the human that Fritz mentioned to us during the First Meal that would be visiting us today. I walk toward them to say hello. Coming closer I see her eyes going wide with my presence* Hey you! Hello Fritz!! So we have a guest today!
Fritz Ghardian Yes Master Blaylock, I fear she is not feeling well. I brought her to the Garden for some fresh air. Miss Diana are you feeling any better.
Diana Marie Jacobsen *Feeling the bench under me as Fritz sits me down* I open my eyes to see Fritz and another guy kneeling down by me. My eyes get wide when I see him. I turn to Fritz shaking my head yes sir I am feeling much better. Thank you.
Blaylock Ghardian Are you okay Diana? Let me guess... Rhage? Yeah... poor girl... don't worry he is just ugly, but doesn't bite! *I grin at her while I sit down by her side* By the way, I'm Blaylock as Fritz said. But call me Blay! So, enjoying your tour?
Fritz Ghardian *Patting Miss Diana's hand* Are you quite sure you are well, you look a little pale. I have seen some strange reactions to Master Rhage before * Screaming, yelling, irritation, annoyance* but never have I seen anyone faint.
Diana Marie Jacobsen *Turns to look at, what did he say his name was, Oh yes Blay. * Yes I am fine and I am enjoying my tour immensely. *tells myself DO NOT! DO NOT ! I repeat DO NOT babble to this guy. You have embarrassed yourself enough tonight. * thinking to myself I met the dragon and he was oh how do you say it.... HMMMMM SMOKING HOT. *pun intended* oh please dont say that outloud. *Smiles up at Blay and Fritz* yes i am quite fine indeed.
Fritz Ghardian *Looking at Blaylock for support* Mayhaps I should take you home, it has been a long evening. I would not want you to fall ill from over exposure to Rhage. It has been known to happen ask any of mine family.
Blaylock Ghardian Good! That's right! *giving my arm to her she hesitates for a moment but I encourage her smiling and she grabs my arm. We start to walk back to the Manse and I start to show her the place* Well, this is our garden. Our place of piece. Here we like to read, to listen to some music *raising and shaking my headphones* or just walk. *I point to the gazebo* Over there is the gazebo. I like to spend time there meditating, reading, talking to Selena, sometimes John... *we cross along the way and I show her the fountain, Nalla's play house and all the flowers that Fritz takes care with love. I don't even see her blinking* Is it a beautiful place, isn't?
Diana Marie Jacobsen * I look up into Blay's kind eyes as he describes this beautiful garden* Yes it is very exquisite. Just then a black cat pads over towards me. He begins to entwine around my legs Fritz told Ime this was his way of greeting me and welcoming me to his home. I lean down and as I reach in my pocket to grab the piece of bacon I brought, Boo instinctively knew what I had. Bending down with bacon in hand I petted him, "well hello little fellow," I said. Boo meowed so I gave him the bacon. He trotted off with the bacon in his mouth looking over his shoulder giving me an approving nod as he disappears under a bush. *standing back up I turn to Blay yes this has been a nice visit. *thinking even with the fainting. * But I am feeling much better could I ask you some questions while we walk?
Blaylock Ghardian It would be my pleasure Diana.
1.  What gave you guys the idea to get together and RP characters in the BDB series?
For me, I joined this family 6 months ago and I was a hige fan of the sereis and I waned to live it somehow.  As a fan, I used to see these guys writing with so much passion that I wanted to be part of tis famlu too.  I  think that bringing the magic of the characters ti the fans is what motivates us.  Make their dreams a little bit more tangible makes us happy.  At least for me.
2.  Why did you choose this specific series or character?
Well, BDB was the first book series I've read.  And it was love at first sight.  When I applied to Blay I was thinking he would be an easy character but how was my surprise that he is not.  Unlike, Blay is deep and complex and I found a challenge in front of me.  A character full of pain, living a hell but also being a friend to everybody, sweet and kind.  And gay.
3.  What makes yall different from how the other BDB groups?
I know there's a lot of BDB groups but honestly, as a fan, I've never felt so welcomed in a group like Unbound.  And that motivated me to join the family and play here.  I beleive what makes us different is the talent of our writers  and the sense of family we have.  And we try to stay as close as possible to the books. 
4.  Do you find that you have characteristics that correspond with your RP character?
I believe I have this kindness and soft heart that you can find in Blay.  Well my fellas here can answer if I'm right. 
5.  Do you  have or find challenges in your character?
Everyone here has big challenges with their own character.  Personally my biggest challenge is playing a gay character.  A young man becoming a man, a warrior and a lover.  I believe my biggest proof is about to come, when Lover at Last is released.  And you must know why.  But when I took Blay I knew it would come and I'm ready for this. 
Diana Marie Jacobsen As Blay finishes giving me a tour of the beautiful garden I place my notebook and pencil back in my purse.   I look up into those kinds eyes and thank him.  *He nods and smiles*
Blaylock Ghardian Well, here we are again! It was very nice to meet you Diana! I'll let Fritz take you back home now! *grabbing her hand and kissing it, I bow and come back to my walking, putting the headphones again*
Fritz Ghardian *As we reach the Mansion and Master Blaylock says his goodbyes, I escort Miss Diana to the car* I do hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back soon for tea and I promise no marathon this time. *Helping her into the car, I take a second look before closing the door* It was a great pleasure to show you mine home and share mine family with you for the evening.~

 TO BE CONTINUED........ you really didnt think it was done did you!!!!!!!!!

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