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Anyone who is a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series knows that there are quite a few RP groups on facebook.  I was privileged enough to be allowed through the doors for a grand tour through the mansion with one of these groups.  And ask questions on what it is like to RP and even was granted the once in a life time opportunity to RP with them.  So sit back and enjoy. 

The story about to unfold before your very eyes has never been witnessed by a human being.  This reporter was allowed to enter the Black Dagger Brotherhood mansion and return home with her memories intact.  Wrath the Blind King agreed to an interview with the members of the black dagger brotherhood, their shellans, and chosen. 

Fritz Guardian *I take my leave of the Mansion as I have been given the honor of picking up a special guest for the evening. Mine family have accepted a request by a special fan for a tour of our home. Miss Diana Marie Jacobsen has been granted her request by our King. I approach her home now and have been granted the honor of conducting her tour, an honor I am most delighted by*

Diana Marie Jacobsen As I get ready to get picked up tonight for my tour of the BDB Mansion, I have to squash my nerves down for the third time.. It was just before dusk, when I heard the sound of a car pull into my drive. I turned my attention to the table where my purse was, grabbed it and headed to the door. As I opened the door, standing with his hand poised to knock was an elderly gentleman smiling at me. Putting out his hand he introduced himself as Fritz. "Nice to meet you," I said.
Fritz Ghardian *Bowing* 'Tis my pleasure to be your driver and escort this evening Miss Diana. Are you ready to depart?
Diana Marie Jacobsen *Shaking my head yes* I follow the doggen 'as he told me that is what he is referred to', down the path to a shiny black car. Reaching the car my nerves began to get the better of me. As I maneuvered into the back of the car I got a hold of my nerves and reserved that I would be just fine. The windows were blacked out, I was informed this was for my protection. If god forbid I was captured by lessers, I would never be able to divulge the location of the BDB Manse. We drove for a distance though I could not tell how long. I knew we had arrived by the sound of gravel crunching under the tires.
Fritz Ghardian *Parking the car, I exit. I open the door for Miss Diana and I give her my hand to help her from the car* Please do not be of worry Miss Diana, mine family is eager for your visit.
Diana Marie Jacobsen Once we arrived Fritz opened my door and helped me from the car. Walking up to the gigantic door, I had to grasp a hold of my nerves once again. "Breathe deep," I told myself. Shakily walking to the front door, the kind doggen grabbed my elbow to steady me. With one look he knew I had thanked him. Waiting for the door to open I straightened my skirt and smoothed my hair. Feeling the pencil I had stuck in my pony tail, I quickly remove it. The door opened to the most palatial home I had ever seen. I wiped my feet on the welcome mat so not to dirty the squeaky clean floor. As I walked in I noticed the the most beautiful Fresco ceiling .
Fritz Ghardian Welcome to our home Miss Diana *Motioning to our surroundings* Our tour will begin with the Library.
This is mine favorite room in our home. 'Tis always peaceful.

Diana Marie Jacobsen Looks around in amazement agreeing with Fritz. *Thinking to myself I could so get used to this place.
Fritz Ghardian My Sire Darius collected many volumes over his many years. 'Tis a wonderous collection, we are never in need of reading material.
Saxton Ghardian *Immersed in my papers, I notice Fritz entering the Library with a guest. A human. How interesting. I heard something about her visiting today. I get up and go toward them, while Fritz shows her the beauty of the place* Good evening lady *I bow* Good evening Fritz! You must be Diana, right? Nice to meet you! I'm Saxton.
Diana Marie Jacobsen *Looks up* Yes I am Diana. It is so nice to meet you Saxton . Yall have a beautiful library here. * blushes as my thick southern accent makes it way out of my mouth* Walks around the leather sofas trailing my fingers along the soft leather. Looks up in amazement at the vaulted ceilings and then goes over to softly touch one of the leather bound books on the desk. Turns back around and looks at Saxton * Thank you for having me here*.
Saxton Ghardian It's a pleasure, Diana! Make yourself comfortable. I'm sure you have more places to visit. But if you wanna come back later for a cup of coffee or tea, I'll be delighted with your company.
Fritz Ghardian *Bows to Saxton* We will take our leave Master Saxton so that you may return to your work. Do have a pleasant evening.
Diana Marie Jacobsen Thank you very much sir. Smiling brightly and looks up at Saxton it would be my pleasure. I am sort of wanting to look at these wonderful books you have here. *glances at a pile of books* *thinks to self oh wow this is heaven. Waves goodbye to Saxton and follows Fritz. 
Saxton Ghardian So you two! *bows again returning to my desk*
Fritz Ghardian *I escort Miss Diana to the Kitchen our next stop on our tour, asking as we walk the halls if she has any questions I may answer for her*
Diana Marie Jacobsen *Looks at Fritz* I sure do.  As we walk down the hall I bombard the doggen with question after question he is all too happy to answer.  Busily writing all the answers down on a notepad from my purse as we make our way to the kitchen.
1.  Fritz what would be your favorite book or character in the BDB series and why?
     Miss Diana, Zszadist book will always be mine favorite.  Z will always hold a special place in my heart. 
2.  How is the relationship inside the group and with the fans?  How does the group deal with the love of the fans?
     If the fans could see us on the side they would think we were truly a family.  Everyone supports each other not only as we RP but in our RL's as well.  We try to be there for each other.  We have the most amazing fans, we are very lucky.
3.  What is something sad that has happened while RP?
      Losing family in this group is heart wrenching.  I've cried for days over losing them, it is like a death in your family, one your not expecting and you don't know how to cope with.  Just thinking about it opens wounds that makes me what to cry.
Diana Marie Jacobsen *pats Fritz on the shoulder* I am so sorry sir.
Fritz Ghardian It is fine dear. *smiles down at the sweet human and asks if there are any other questions.
4.  Why did you all choose the model for your particular character?  Did it take a while to choose one?
     Mine was already chosen but I think he's perfect for the part.
5.  How long have yall been RP?
     About 7 months.
6.  Have you ever met JR Ward?
     Only in mine dreams.
7.  Do you find any challenges in RP your particular character?
     Mine biggest challenge is keeping up with such talented RP's they keep me on mine toes.
8.  Fritz if your character could be a car what model of car and why?
     A 1950 DeSoto.  Because I am old and reliable and everyone has one. 
Diana Marie Jacobsen Thank you sir.
Fritz Ghardian*Entering the Kitchen I see the Chosen Layla having a snack. I bow*

Layla Ghardian *sitting in the kitchen having a snack I look up just as Fritz, enters and he has a guest* Good evening Fritz! *walking over and taking Diana's had and smiles* I heard you were coming to visit today. Verily, it is nice to finally meet you! Come and have a seat. Are you hungry?
Fritz Ghardian Good evening Chosen, how fare thee tonight. Please have a seat Miss Diana. We haven't much time, I do believe we may be able to catch our King after his exam is completed.
Diana Marie Jacobsen Nice to meet you Layla and turns to take the seat Fritz offers her. I am very hungry Layla. *Looks around at the nicely clean kitchen* *thinking to myself I bet this floor is so clean you could eat off of it.
Layla Ghardian *Sitting back down and passing the plate of pastries to Diana!! These are delicious. You must try one of these or do you want one of mine pickles? *laughing* I'm just kidding! I am on my second pastry though. Are you having a good time? It's a beautiful mansion. WHere are you taking her next Fritz?
Fritz Ghardian I believe I will give her a special treat and take her below to meet our good Doctors and our King. 
Diana Marie Jacobsen *Takes pastry and bites in to it* Oh wow Layla this is delicouls, no wonder you are on your second one. Wipes crumbs off my lap and looks at Layla yes I am having a great time. Thank you. Looks at Fritz yes please I would like some tea if you have any?
Fritz Ghardian *Smiles at Miss Diana's request and pour her a cup of tea and hands it to her*
Diana Marie Jacobsen Takes a sip of the tea. This is delicous sir. Finishes drinking tea and places cup down on the table. Turns to Layla may I ask you some questions?
Layla Ghardian  Of course. Sits back and watches Diana take out her notepad and pull the pencil from her pony tail. *Thinks that is an odd place to put a pencil, but you never know with humans*
1.  Miss Layla,  do you have a favorite book or character in the BDB series and why?
Oh my favorite hasnt been written yet!! *laughs* I love them all!!!  I fell in love with Dark Lover right away and have loved the entire series ever since. 
2.  Why did you choose this specific series or character?
 I'm a hug paranormal fan and one day I ran across this series and just fell in love with it.  When I joined I went with the character I thought I could do best or who I could do justice for.  Thereis no way I could pull off a character like V!  This role suited me best.
3.  What makes ya'll different from the BDB groups?
In RL, when I started finding BDB groups, I became a member of many of them.  It didn't really tale me long to find a permanetnt home with Unbound.  I love the way they stayed true to the books and their characters.  i was a bit shy in the beginning and didnt interact much, but read stories they wrote.  Eventually, they pulled me out of my shell and (BAM) here I am!!!!!
4.  How long have you been RP?
Less then two months.
5.  How difficutl is it to come up with and write a SL?
I think coking up with the idea is pretty easy.  Staying in character and not straying to far from the actual book is the hard part. 
6.  How long does it take you to finish a SL?
 I'm new to this, so I am still prety slow at it.  It depends on the storyline and how many people are in it.  It also depends on what the storyline is about.  I think the more serious the story is the longer it can take. IMO
7.  Ok last question if your character could be any vehicle what would it be and why?

I am going to have to say an armored truck.  Because she never gets to go anywhere without a ton of protection.

Fritz Ghardian I really do hate to cut our time short, I am truly sorry. I do believe we are expected in the Infirmary. I do hope you have a pleasant evening Chosen. *I motion for Miss Diana to follow me*




  1. Loved it Diana, I can't wait to read more.

  2. This is really Amazing... You have done a really Great job here..and Great Questions!!<3