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And here is something extra just for two very special fans!!!!!!!

After seeing how much fun yall had in your Story Line I wanted to add an extra part then have you join me in the final chapter.  So here goes girls please enjoy............

Payne Ghardian*Walking around The Stables with Glory for a while, after putting Onhyx back, I am just about to put her away when I hear a polite cough come from behind me, seeing Fritz standing there and say "Miss Briar to see you, Miss Payne" I smile widely and thank him. Looking at Briar and smiling.* Come in, if thy wishes my beautiful friend, would thou like to meet Glory?

Briar I would love to.
Payne Ghardian *Bringing Glory forward and stopping her in front of Briar.* My beautiful Lady, meet my very beautiful friend Briar. *Hearing Glory puff and snort a hello at Briar as she nods her head a little, I smile as Briar places a hand on her muzzle.* Would thou like to take her out for a ride
Briar I would love to.
Payne Ghardian Okay, follow me then. *Walking forward with Glory and watching Briar walk beside her, then stopping her and making sure the saddle is secured properly.* Would thee like to get on thyself or would thee like some help?
Briar I would love some help.
Payne Ghardian *Smiling at her as I walk around Glory, stopping next to Briar and cupping my hands and bending down slightly, waiting for her to put her foot in, lifting her up.* Let me know when thou is secure and I will let her walk, okay?
Briar i am secure at the moment
Payne Ghardian Okay. *Making a clicking sound, telling Glory to walk but also slowly and softly as she has Briar on her back, not me. Glory whinnying at me as she walks across the yard, toward the paddock.* Are you alright?

Briar  I am
Payne Ghardian*Slightly tapping Glory on her side, telling her to go a little faster, she starts to go at a gentle trot across the paddock. Seeing the smile on Briar' s face is enough for me.* Let me know when thou wants to stop okay, and if thou would like, thou can help me groom her too, yes?
Briar I am happy to stop and i would love to help you groom her and i have a treat for herPayne Ghardian *Walking Glory forward and towards the Stable, as we are heading in, I hear voices behind us, turning to see Tohrment heading towards us with Hazel.* Hello mine brother. *Smiling at him, then looking at Hazel.* Are thee here to see Glory too? Or maybe Onhyx?

Hazel Onhyx
Tohrment Ghardian *I smile when I see Briar with Payne  and say hi.* Are you ready to ride, Hazel? I promise that Onhyx is a gentle horse.
Hazel  yes i might need a some help to get up because i have twisted my kneecap
Tohrment Ghardian Come here, then, I'll help you up. *I put my hands together to form a step and gently lift
Hazel up so that she doesn't hurt her knee. For a moment she settles onto her saddle and then smiles down at me.* How's it feel up there, Hazel? Are you ready?
Hazel yes i am ready How many Hands high is Onyx because he looks like a giant.
Payne Ghardian*I see Briar's face light up when she sees her sister.* Would thou like to go back out and ride together. *Seeing her nod, I walk them back out and we join Hazel and Tohrment.*
Briar  yes
Tohrment Ghardian *Keeping my hand on Hazel's leg, I take one of his reins and start leading him forward so that Hazel can get used to his gait.* He's about 16 hands high, Hazel. *I pick up the pace a bit and see Briar and Payne approach.* Hey, ladies, do you think Miss Hazel is good to have a go on her own now?
Hazel  i am
Briar I think so
Payne Ghardian *Letting go of Glory's reins and letting Briar ride her alone.* You okay? *Seeing her nod at me, and then Tohrment let go of Onhyx too, leaving them to ride alone as we step back a little but still within distance if anything happens.*
Hazel anyone want to go for a trot
Briar me takes glory for a canter around the paddock rhage should see this
Tohrment Ghardian*I laugh out loud at the fun Briar and Hazel are having, and Payne shares my laughter.* They are really good with these horses, aren't they, Payne?

Payne Ghardian *Laughing a Little as I see them take off on the horses.* I think they are both naturals, the horses seem very at ease with them, true? *Looking at the ladies laughing and enjoying themselves.* Having fun, ladies?
Hazel yes wish it wouldn't stop
Briar lots of fun
Payne Ghardian Thou knows you can visit the Stables anytime right? As long as I am not busy, maybe next time we could ask Rhage to join us. *Smiling as I hear Tohrment chuckle beside me.*
Tohrment Ghardian *I pull out my iPhone and snap photos of the girls on the horses.* Smile, ladies! I'm taking pics so we can show Rhage later.
Briar  me smiles
Tohrment Ghardian *Hazel looks like she's getting a little tired, so she trots back to where Payne and I are standing. I reach up to pull her down from Onhyx.* Did you have a good time, Hazel? *She nods and I start pulling Onhyx's saddle from him.* I guess I'll need to go brush him down after that work out.

Payne Ghardian *Watching as Tohrment helps Hazel down off Onhyx, looking at Briar.* Are thee ready to come in now? Maybe groom her when you get off her?
Hazel yes i had a good time
Briar  i am
Payne Ghardian *Seeing her bring Glory in.* Thou are a natural on horses, both of thee are. *Seeing them both smile at me.* Would thee like to groom them both quickly now, brush them over?
Tohrment Ghardian *We lead the horses inside the stables and I grab the brushes.* This won't take a minute, ladies.

Payne Ghardian *I take hold of the saddles and put them away, watching as they quickly run the brushes over them, smiling as I see how happy they are brush them over. Then as Briar and I put Glory back, Tohrment and Hazel put Onhyx back. Watching them literally skip back up towards the Mansion, we follow them in* ~


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