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Olivia is a veteran and a mother to a lovely 9 year old daughter named Grace. A Chicago native, she dreams of wintering over in warmer climates. When she's not writing, Olivia runs a blog where she interviews other authors and features their books.

Have you ever wondered about Genies; those magical creatures who when you rub the magic lamp they live in, will materialize from the lamp in a great puff of swirly mist to grant you three wishes?  Well - Hmmm.. Olivia Martinez takes us on a tale of genies...I recently had the pleasure to ask her a few questions about her new upcoming book "Mistfall"



 So catch the magic carpet and come along for a wild ride through the lands of the Fae, pixies and most importantly genies. I guarantee you will have the ride of your life....

Q:  Mistfall is your first book.  How did the idea of genies come about?
Olivia:  Since this was my first book, I did some research.  The market is over-saturated with stories of werewolves and vampires.  I knew that if I wanted my book to succeed, I couldn't do the same old song and dance for my first book.  I found very few, if any, books written on the topic of genies.

Q:  What made you decide to do genies or jinn instead of the usual supernatural species?
Olivia:  I wanted to do something different, something no one else was writing about.  Writing about genies/jinn gave me the opportunity.  Also, because they've been looked over, I had the leeway to make up whatever I wanted in regards to them and their history.

Q:  Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Olivia:  I think that, along with many people , I have always toyed with the idea.  One day, I just decided to follow through with it and here we are.

Q:  Who is your biggest inspiration in writing?
Olivia:  My biggest inspiration(s) are all the independently published authors.  I think the biggest thing that holds people back from writing is the scare of not being published.  the indie authors that have made a name for themselves are pioneers.  They made it possible for the rest of us to live or dreams.

Q:  If you encountered a genie what would be your three wishes?
Olivia:  OOOH.  I don't know.  Genies can be tricky.  They're the reason for the saying: Be careful what you wish for.  I would think financial freedom with any legal repercussions would be the first.  A housekeeper would be the second. The third would be to have my book do very well.

Q:  There are three types of genies or jinn in your book.  what sort of research did you do to find out about the different types?
Olivia:  Most of the information I got about genies/jinn came from some excerpts of the Koran.  Ifrits and Marids are really two types of jinn.  Ifrits were explained as living underground and tend to be wicked and ruthless.  I chose Hades as their underground abode.  I think we ca all say that Hailz is wicked and ruthless.  Marids do live in watery abodes and tend to be arrogant and proud.  Iblis is the name for the Devil.  That's where I got the name for Iblian jinn from.  Unfortunately, I made up the Iblian jinn and there is no mythological basis for them.

Q:  What types of activities do you enjoy in your free time?
Olivia:  I  love to read so much that there should be a twelve step program for it  I also paint in my spare time and have been lucky enough to sell quite a few paintings.

Q:  Do you have any plans for any more books?  Could this become a series?
Olivia:  This book is definitely going to be a series.  I'm planning for there to be three in the series.  Depending on where the story takes me, there is always a possibility for it to expand to four or five even.

Q:  In your book you have two very sexy elves.  If you had a choice , which one would you choose and why?
Olivia:  That's a hard one.  They are both two very good looking elves, but they've also been rather naughty.  I think I'll have to wait and see what they choose to do next to decide which one is my favorite.

Q:  There are many different magical creatures in your book including pixies, elves, and the Fae.  Have you always been fond of magic and the creatures that possess those abilities?
Olivia:  I always loved those kind of stories a kid and looked forward to when we got to the mythology section of English classes.  When Harry Potter came out, it reignited my fascination with the fantasy/paranormal genre.

Q:  What genres of books do you enjoy reading and who is your favorite author?
Olivia:  I have gotten into paranormal romance books in the last two years but I read all kinds of books.  History, classical literature , science, art, you name it.  I'm one big book nerd!

Q:  You explain the significance of the object that bounds a genie in the story.  How come you chose the object you did instead of the usual lamp?
Olivia:  Just to mess with the stereotype.

Q:  If you could have magic powers what would you want?
Olivia:  Hmmmm, a magical house like the Weasley's, I would not have to lift a finger; the house would do everything.  And yes the power to magic my hair and makeup.  I like the extra 45 minutes to sleep in the morning.

Q:  When the dream weaver visits Mags, he told her she had no choice in how her life turned out.  Do you feel people make their own destiny?
Oliviai:  Sure do.  Plenty of people have grown up in less than satisfactory environments and go on to do better than the life that was in the cards for them.

Q:  In the book I see your use of alliteration in the pixies names.  How did you get the idea?
Olivia:  I always liked Edgar Allen Poe's use of it.  It was something that just stuck with me.  When developing the pixies, I thought it was eccentric like they were.

Q:  Are there any authors or books that you would recommend reading?
Olivia:  I just finished reading 'Bishop and the Pixies' by Nat Parkinson.  It's a great book and I loved the pixies especially.

Q:  What makes your books different from others out there with paranormal entities?
Olivia: I won't read paranormal romance if it's just about sex.  The story is more important to me than the romance.  My goal was to was a write a good story with just enough naughty bits to balance it.  I think the fact that I chose a mythological figure that hasn't been done a thousand times helps too.

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