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SPOTLIGHT BOOK September 29, 2013



by David Armand


The Pugilist's Wife tells the story of Magdalene Tucker, a jilted woman who takes in a drifter during one of Sun, Louisiana's worst recorded droughts. When the townspeople find out about this, they decide to lead a sort of crusade to Magdalene's farm in order to put an end to Magdalene's and this man's sins, thinking them the sole cause of the town's plight. But no one can predict that this convergence upon Magdalene's land will turn violent, resulting in a brutal and bloody climax, where chance and coincidence take a back seat to love, honor, revenge, and pride.


David Armand has a way of storytelling.  I was pulled in from the first page to the last.  Even though I tried to put this book down I just could not seem to close the book till I was finished.  There is murder, small town gossip, love and betrayal, pride and revenge which all makes for a great story.  What more could you ask for in a small town Lousiana setting?

I give this book

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