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Another great read please pick this book up if you haven't already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Even though Paramedic Emily Boudreaux looks forward to her upcoming marriage, turmoil abounds again! After running off a series of new partners, she is forced to admit that the emotional scars from her recent abduction are worse than she thought. A nice, long beach vacation with friends should make things all better, right? Wrong?  Her drug-addicted ex-partner is still stalking her. A new ER doctor joins the hospital staff and makes it no secret that he’s interested in Emily. An iron-fisted new Sheriff, Holden Dautry, fires half of the department when he assumes command. Even though Bert and Pete make the initial cut, Emily learns that Pete has been keeping secrets from her. Just when Emily thinks she can’t handle any more bad news, tragedy strikes. Reeling from the blow, her world is turned upside down. Emily’s going to need help awakening from this newest nightmare, but will help come fast enough?

My Thoughts

Rhonda Dennis has done it again. The second installment in the Green Bayou series, Awakening is another great read. A little bit of everything wrapped into a great story. Once again the zany adventures of Emily and all her men will make you double over with laughter. Emily is once again being stalked and who is doing it you will have to read to find out. And her love life seems on track or does it?

I give this Book

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